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The ocean that rolled along the shore
The salty air that filtered through your hair
The sand that sifted through your toes
Sunny days, there were a lot of those

Remember, remember

People you met and friends you made
All the strange wonderful places you went
Adventures in them all
None too great or too small to forget

Remember, remember these

Times we shared and words we said
It was only one year but so much
Has happened here
You can’t forget
It’s all part of who you are now

Remember, remember
Oh remember these
Remember these

Lorie Doswell – Lead Vocals, Cabasa
Ed Tree – Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars (Gretsch, Strat’), Organ
Nashville Tracks Musicians – Electric Bass, Piano, Drums, Acoustic Guitar

© 2000. All rights reserved. Music and Lyrics by Lorie Doswell



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