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Dream Drivin’

Another late night behind the wheel
Making my way down that busy 4-0-5
But this time my mind’s on cruise control
High from being with you tonight

I don’t mind the pretend racers
Or the slow pokes in my lane, ‘cause

I’m dream drivin’
I’m dream drivin’

The seatbelt huggin’ tight on my shoulder
Is keeping me wrapped in your arms’ warm embrace
And with each glance in the rear view mirror
I see the smile your love has painted on my face

I don’t care how long it takes
To navigate the lights and brakes

I’m dream drivin’
I’m dream drivin’

So quiet, yet so alive
I have hit love’s cruisin’ stride
And only those in the same state of mind
Recognize the signs that

I’m dream drivin’
Just dream drivin’

Lorie Doswell – Lead & Backing Vocals
Ed Tree – Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Gretsch, Fender Tele’, Organ, Hammond Patch, Tambourine
Jorgen Ingmar – Drums

© 2006 Lorie Doswell. All rights reserved. Music and Lyrics by Lorie Doswell



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