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Beautiful That Way

She was beautiful, as soon as you met her
You knew there was something special about her
She was beautiful that way

With her angel’s gaze, all she had to do was say hello
And you knew you could just open up your soul
She was beautiful that way

She could get right through the worst of you
To the good inside before you even knew what hit you
She could make you want to tell your deepest darkest fears
Because she was beautiful that way

She never played the judge or defender of your sins
But she’d stand by you to face the consequences
She was beautiful that way

Her easy laughter and down-to-earth grace
Lifted your spirit and gave you the strength
To be beautiful in your own way

She had a strong yet humble armor
You knew she must be so fragile on the inside
And you wanted to protect her but she wouldn’t let you
No matter how hard you tried
Because she was beautiful that way

Lorie Doswell – Lead Vocals
Ed Tree – Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Gretsch Electric Guitar, Keys
Jorgen Ingmar – Drums

© 2001, Revised 2006. All rights reserved. Music and Lyrics by Lorie Doswell



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