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01 AUG 2005 Folkworks Magazine

“Some folk fans seek solace in traditional music, not unlike classical fans who revere only dead composers. Others are reveling in the newest expression of new folk / post-folk / third-wave Americana, or call it simply the Acoustic Renaissance. Some of LA’s best Acoustic Renaissance musicians, in no particular order, are Kat Parsons, Sean Wiggins, Rick Shea, Marina V, Pete Hopkins, Kelly Fitzgerald, Anny Celsi, James Hurley, Denise Vasquez, Ashley Maher, Vertigo Road, Matthew Lee, Sally Zito, VOCO, Brian Joseph, Julie Gribble, Hunter Payne, Lily Wilson, Duff, Al Polito, and Garret Swayne. Most fit the title of Samantha Murphy’s new CD, Somewhere Between Starving and Stardom. And there are a pack of others, like Ric Taylor, Craig Lincoln, Lorie Doswell, Joan Enguita, Charlie White, Cyhndi Mora, Linda Geleris, emith, Daniel McFeeley, and others who are rising fast…”
– Larry Wines

20 JUL 2005  Robin Frederick (Songwriting Coach)

“Last Thursday I went to see a friend (and songwriting student) do a half-hour set at The Talking Stick in Santa Monica and ended up staying for the entire evening. I loved the club - a small venue, maybe seats 50 tops, reminiscent of the coffee houses of the 1960’s. Sofas, a few tables, no alcohol but plenty of exotic coffee and tea mixes, a noisy espresso machine that is bound to go on just as soon as anyone starts singing. (Folks, order those espresso’s BEFORE the set starts!) My friend, Lorie Doswell, opened the show at 8 pm and did a very strong set. She has an outstanding voice that ranges from the intimacy of Tori Amos to the emotional power and intensity of Patsy Cline. I’ve been working with her to create songs that take advantage of her amazing emotional range. She’s closing in on a couple and already had some solid songs when I met her. Her most recent song “Just One Night” is headed in exactly the right direction. It’s got a gorgeous, memorable melody (I can’t get it out of my head.) and deep emotional honesty in the lyrics…”



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